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In order to offer you not only individually tailored and effective but also comprehensive solutions we work together with a number of national and international networking partners who have the same mindset and work ethics. The following is an extract of our partners:

PECON- intakkt, ohne Unterzeile.png

intakkt offers individual consulting services and tailored psychological solutions for organisations, teams and individuals.

intakkt specialise in topics such as Leadership, communication, HR management, mental health at the work place. they also facilitate change processes and actively support you in a crises or situations of acute emergency.


Ekvido offers individual consulting services and coaching focusing on HR and organisational development. 

Ekvido consulting and coaching specialise in facilitating change processes and they partner both with managers as well as HR Business Partners.

Petra Buderus Consulting & Coaching offers consulting services to organisations and people in change- and development processes. Their focus and objective are to create clarity and humanity in systems, organisations and projects which they view as the key to success both for organisations and humans. 

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Interim Finance GmbH offers interim management within your finance and project management areas whenever you have bottle necks and are short staffed be it short as well as mid-term. Interim Finance offer time limited finance expertise to support you and/or your company at times of a manpower shortage. Their focus areas are financial services, reporting, budgeting, internal or external revision, project management and economic process optimisation. 

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