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Supervision for coaches
Room for Psychological Reflexion

For us as professional coaches it is essential to reflect our work on a regular basis. Reflecting and understanding both the underlying and often not so conscious (relationship)dynamics with our clients helps to ensure that we can stay professional, impactful and at eye-level and hence, act as the best possible coaching partner for our clients. 


Be it in one-to-one supervision or in group sessions with other professional coaches, this is the place where you will get time and space to reflect and analyse your individual coaching situations from a range of different perspectives. This will significantly contribute to you being able make an even bigger impact with specific clients as well as on your coaching expertise as a whole. No matter how much or little experience you have gathered to-date, we will ensure that you will get the support and insights that are most helpful to you and your individual situation. 

Below is an extract of typical situations brought up by fellow professional coaches in supervision sessions:

  • Seeking to understand the underlying relationship dynamic better (i.e. transference / counter-transference)

  • Widening their hypotheses regarding the situation their clients are in also from a psychological point of view, e.g. personality, developmental, leadership, communication, organisational or clinical psychology

  • Receiving practical and specific input on impactful coaching interventions 

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